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The Length Of The Web L Banner Design
May 31, 2017

L Banner (Banner) is the most popular way to promote the media in the media, generally published in the page's most striking start position, the use of text, pictures or dynamic effects to promote the information passed to the site visitors, while the promotion link to promote Customer-related pages, to promote the promotion of the site, product or service effect. China's manufacturing network to promote customers can be based on the promotion of goals, for any type of user to promote promotional information, from extensive contacts to promote.

L banner design length is not strictly limited, and your font content and size of the layout, according to the actual needs to be set.

Usually the most conventional L Banner production size is 0.7mX8m, but this is the general situation of the most conventional advertising L Banner size, advertising with more.

If the word is more, it is recommended to use 0.9mX8m, indoor small size of the L Banner design is more than 0.5X10m.

The width of the L Banner design is 35 cm / 40 cm / 50 cm / 60 cm / 70 cm / 80 cm / 90 cm / 100 cm / 110 cm / 120 cm / 150 cm.

Outdoor length is usually 10-20 m range, 0.9m wide is more common.

In short, different places, different words, it uses the L banner is not the same, consumers need to be based on the actual situation, to develop the size of the L Banner.

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