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The Color Of The L Banner Is Very Particular About
Sep 29, 2017

L Banner design commonly used color introduction:

Red meaning:

Red color warm, sturdy and outgoing, is a strong irritation to the people of the color. Red is easy to attract people's attention, but also easy to make people excited, excited, nervous, impulsive, or a cause of human visual fatigue color.

The meaning of yellow color:

Yellow character cold, arrogant, sensitive, with the expansion and uneasy visual impression. Yellow is a variety of colors, the most delicate of a color. As long as mixed in a small amount of pure yellow in other colors, the hue and color character will be a greater degree of change.

Blue meaning:

Blue color cynicism, simple and introverted personality, is a kind of help people cynical satirical color. Blue simple, introverted personality, often for those who are active, with a strong expansion of the color, to provide a far-reaching, Guangpu, calm space, as set off the active color of the friendly and humble friends. Blue or a kind of in the desalination still seems to maintain a strong personality color. If you add a small amount of red, yellow, black, orange, white and other colors in the blue, will not be on the blue character constitutes a more obvious influence.

White meaning:

White color light, simple character, pure, happy. White is holy invincible. If you add any other color in the white, will affect its purity, so that its character becomes subtle.

The color of the L Banner is very particular about the color of the L Banner design should enable customers to think of the characteristics of the enterprise, style, L Banner color should be corporate culture, characteristics, style of visual reflection, that is, no matter what color, should To meet the nature of the enterprise shall prevail. Customers see the color of the L Banner, you can think of the overall image of the enterprise, such as green green business reflects the orange, orange is the safety of production enterprises. In color, this reflects the color of goods, called the image of color. Such as snack packaging color generally mostly red, orange, yellow, there is the function of appetite. On a variety of colors to see, red call for the flag party flag, green tones can be used for a variety of environmental protection enterprises or green food enterprises. Blue for the hardware machinery, electrical business, giving a fresh feeling. Pharmaceutical companies can also use blue tones. Purple call for advanced cosmetics, jewelry and other enterprises on the L Banner, giving a noble, dignified, elegant sense. Here to say, is not an absolute criterion, the choice of color design should be more understanding of the cultural characteristics of enterprises, of course, but also dare to innovation, breakthrough. Above is the L Banner design commonly used color introduction of the content, but also need to know more can consult our customer service staff.

L Banner design commonly used to the size: 1 # flag 288cm × 192cm; 2 # flag 240cm × 160cm; 3 # flag 192cm × 128cm; 4 # flag 144cm × 96cm;

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