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L Banner Production Is Very Important
May 31, 2017

L Banner in the ancient calligraphy is a specification, modern L Banner are often propaganda L Banner, there are L Banner on the site (banner), there are streets, squares, the door can often see the banner. Because of low cost, but it can play a very good advertising role, is widely used.

Making L Banner, logo, etc. are a lot of friends often have to work, then how to use the popular word processing software Word to quickly create a banner or logo it? You just make the most of Word Word Word Word and the function of the template, you can easily achieve your wish. Here to use Word2003 production "welcome" banner for a specific example.

After creating a new Word blank document, you can do the following:

(1) Set banner size: For L Banner, you need to set a specific paper size. A4 paper for Word default paper size, the general printer can only play A4 (21 × 29.7 cm) paper. If you only print a word on an A4 paper, then the maximum size of the word can only be 17 × 26.7 cm. If you want to make a larger banner, and the printer can play A3 paper, it is recommended that you set the paper size to A3.

(2) set margins: margins set for the production of L Banner is very important. Click the "File" menu under the "Page Setup" command, in the pop-up "page settings" dialog box, select "margins" tab, and then according to the actual situation input margins. It should be noted that the size of the margin will be affected by the printability of the printer. Here will be up and down left and right margins are set to 2 cm. Through the page settings and margin settings, the initial use of the banner for the production of a framework.

(3) set the page view size: the process of making a banner, in a document page only enter a word, so the best view is just to see the entire page of the document, set the method as follows: the view mode switch to page View, click the "Show" drop-down button on the "Common" toolbar, select the "full page" command option in the drop-down options to complete the setup.

(4) insert WordArt WordArt: Word in dealing with similar L Banner on the text can be a variety of ways, where Word can be used Word Word produced a special effect of the banner. Click the "WordArt" command under the "Picture" submenu under the "Insert" menu to select the WordArt style in the "WordArt" dialog box. Here we choose the first style as an example, click "OK" button, the "Edit WordArt" dialog box appears. In the Edit Art Word Text dialog box, enter the first text of the banner, click New, and then click the Font drop-down bar in the Edit WordArt text dialog box to select a thicker font (such as "bold" As the banner of the font. In the font size drop bar can be set the size of the text, the default value of 36. Because the following also need to change the size of the word, so the choice of font size can be free. For easy editing, you can set the font size to maximum. On the right side of the drop bar is the "bold" and "tilted" tool buttons, you can choose to use these two buttons as needed. Click the "OK" button to complete the insertion of the word.

(5) to set the word size and location: click the "WordArt" toolbar "set the WordArt format" button, in the "Set Word Word Format" dialog box, select "size" drop bar, clear the "lock (The default value has been cleared), and then in the height and width of the number of columns were entered 26.7 cm and 17 cm. Click the "Format" tab in the "Set WordArt Formats" dialog box, select "Embedded" in the "Wrap Mode" field and click the OK button to complete the setting. By adjusting the settings, you can change the size of the WordArt so that it can be expanded to the entire sheet of paper.

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