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International Common Signal L Banner Knowledge
Sep 29, 2017

The international common signal flag has a total of 40 facets: a 26-letter alphabet representing a letter, a 10-digit flag representing numbers 0 to 9, instead of a 3-sided flag of a letter or a flag. On board or on the signal table, the signal flag is stored in the direction of the bridge, studio dedicated flag cabinet. International signal flag with red, yellow, blue, white, black several colors to form a different geometric patterns. Most flags with two colors, a few for the three-color, four-color. Alphabet flag A, B flag for the two sides of the flag, the remaining 24 sides are long flag. Digital flag are long trapezoidal, it is also known as the flag. On behalf of the flag for the triangle flag. The answer is also a long trapezoid.

Specifications are divided into: No. 1, No. 2, small 2, 3, 4

A flag: left white right swiftletail flag, said "there are diving staff in the water work, please drive and away from".

B Flags: Red Swallowtail, indicating that "the ship is loading, unloading or carrying dangerous goods".

C flag: blue and white red and white blue flag, said "yes, sure".

D flag: blue flag, said, "Do not approach the ship, the ship has difficulty in operation."

E flag: blue on the blue flag, said "the ship to the right side of the steering rudder."

F flag: white red diamond flag, said "the ship has failed, please communicate with the ship."

G flag: yellow and blue stripes flag, said "the ship needs the pilot" or "the (fishing) ship is receiving network."

H flag: left white right red flag, said "the ship has a pilot."

I flag: yellow black dotted flag, said "the ship to the side of the steering wheel."

J flag: blue flag, said "the ship fire, and contains dangerous goods, please keep away from the ship" or "the ship is leaking dangerous goods."

K flag: left yellow right blue flag, said "the ship would like to communicate with your ship."

L Banner: yellow and black and white L Banner, said, "the ship is receiving (Hong Kong) quarantine" or "(sea) your ship should immediately stop."

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