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How To Select And Display It?
Jun 03, 2016

Display as a display shelves of goods has been widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores, stores and other places, use display can make the product stand out beautiful and neatly displayed in front of the public, so as to increase the advocacy role, promoting consumers ' desire to buy.

Below we explain in detail how to use display products, under normal circumstances, mobile phones and other high-tech products are best to use a glass or white better, and porcelain and other products should choose wooden display rack, to highlight the products antique, floor rack should also choose iron materials to highlight the characteristics of wooden flooring.

Under normal circumstances, display colors are white and black, this is the mainstream choice, of course, in the Festival will select a festive red, in short, according to occasion and products to be displayed by choosing the right display.

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