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Design Defects Of Domestic Thermal Transfer L Banner Equipment
Jul 14, 2017

From the Jiangnan produced the first L Banner so far, there have been short-term glorious together to break more than 20, the first generation of producers almost diverted, although most of the improvements have been made, but mainly because of the bid, the process design almost No major changes, and most of the production enterprises from the use of production, can not sum up the defects on the process, leading to the defects of today's domestic equipment still exists.

Defect one, cancel the automatic correction system device.

By the special motor composed of devices, domestic machine design is ignored, resulting in the use of the market most of the equipment are no automatic correction device, while the equipment is durable goods, less than diverted to be reluctant to sell scrap. There is a manual adjustment, and manual adjustment actually does not work, the user only use the reverse to solve the blanket deviation. Time-consuming work is not, the deviation caused by the actual work width greatly reduced.

Defective Second, the main bearing vulnerable design

The design is not yet reasonable, because the main bearing connected to the heat source, and the connection neck short and closed, cooling is difficult to solve.With the whole surface pressure design to increase the bearing bearing more pressure, ordinary shaft up to 200 hours, Oil-sealed high-temperature bearings are also barely resist 400 hours.Unfortunately, the bearing damage is difficult to detect, often bring disaster to the power system failure.

Defect three, non-production process design

Chinese people to the market object to the equipment table short and adapt to the facade production of the illusion, imitation Han too bad bowl machine design, mostly designed for the next cloth, that is, cloth in the next paper into the compound roll, roll out the product at the top of the body, this Machine is only suitable for the entire volume of cloth low temperature printing, and the production of advertising L Banner products, there are more complex collage patterns, the result, resulting in the user must practice a pair of high temperature hot hot "iron hand", 250 degrees in the face is not It is common for the product to add a few "plum blossoms", and now the invention of the composite paper should become the "savior", "plum" luster situation has been alleviated, but the situation Or the defect. The key to the design of the next cloth is to take care of the function of the manual hot cloth, which leads to the major design errors which can not be produced at high temperature.The general L Banner have different shrinkage and deformation of the cloth, which is related to the raw material and weaving quality of the cloth. Can not be changed, the cloth into the fabric can not be adjusted into the cloth situation, the paper can not adjust the cloth on the pre-press flatness, it can only be used in low temperature production, so the machine production of color products, Less than bright and fresh Report quality requirements, especially for the red, green sublimation temperature is low, a little better, could have done flag etc. boutique, now only do text banner of low demand, and ended up with silk L Banner surface to fight for position.

Moreover, the design forced to increase the labor force, the result is not more than four machines can not form a mass production capacity,

Defect 4. No automatic heat sink

The general heat should be more than 20 minutes or more, people always do not accompany the way, every day a person dragging a small half is a perennial calculation, although not critical, but still flaw.

Defect five, no professional L Banner software support.

Single-layer or double-layer paper operations, there must be engraved software.In addition to "Mr. Banner" with professional software, the other is no software, can only use domestic lettering software instead. The result is a file to complete the number of finished, Increase the stitching process, case of single-layer paper easy to break, the case of double-layer paper is difficult to stitching, time-consuming and labor, especially the complex flag and cloth mantle, production is simply recruiting (lettering software fatal flaw, temporarily not open).

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