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Nine management elements of the display stands
Jun 03, 2016

Show frame appearance beautiful, and structure firm, and assembled free, and disassembly shortcut, and transport convenient. and boutique show frame style beautiful, noble elegant, and and has good of decorative effect, boutique show frame makes products play out extraordinary of charm. show frame can full show out products of features; rich of accessories, and each component can recorded live installation, variety color match, design personnel exquisite design. show frame in management in the to followed following elements.

1, will target product distribution to target retail stores.

2, distributing new products to target retail stores.

3, in-store product displays regularly to achieve effective improvements.

4, the product must be kept clean and neatly.

5, Web products on display, put the old products and shelves, after new products display on the shelves (first in, first out).

6, face should be put forward.

7, increase reasonable display surface and use the company's products.

8 to prevent counterfeiting. generic products placed alongside.

9, retail price and the wholesale price management in place.

Currently show frame market has launched has, kettle, and coffee table lamp, let show frame and furniture, and home products thaw for one, be a new of design thought; like supermarket shopping car, and consumers shaped God furniture Shaw, its rough and original let many people favored has added; except above pure natural material outside, because also natural of texture and appearance, in cost Shang will than really material real material save many. show frame no longer blindly to pursuit marble table of luxury sense; tie no longer heavy and huge; increasingly more of rational consumers also not not consider applies, To buy cheap products.

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