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How to distinguish a display rack
Jun 03, 2016

We can see all kinds of sets on the market show, the price is also a big gap, what, then, how should we judge the merits of display quality? small series to explain it for you today.

From details aspects view, in distinguish large manufacturers production of show frame and small workshop production of show frame, most important of is is see show frame of seal side. large manufacturers using modern of machine equipment, used high temperature high pressure seal side, seal side Hou appearance clean firm, avoid long using water on show frame of damaged, can makes show frame more durable. see hardware accessories for makes placed which of items order, has necessary with some hardware accessories reached purpose, as for angle Cabinet placed of rotating disc, and push pulled type storage real Cabinet of separated frame, Good display rack is the hardware accessories and Cabinet body, the perfect combination of doors, open and close freely while in use, no noise, can stand up to tens of thousands of switches and not damage; sealing design table to join the Special seal design, surface water is not easy to fall on display cabinet, but also display can guarantee of use for a long time.

Display material of environmental protection is very important, mainly reflected in the plate, and on the edge of the adhesive, these materials have to meet environmental requirements, plates need to use formaldehyde emission standards artificial plates, artificial stone countertops to laminate and better choice; a thorough service is also an important condition for better display.

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