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Food and beverage display rack advantage
Jun 03, 2016

Combined food and beverage display racks can be single-sided, double-sided, product size can be adjusted side counter with corner combinations, double sided shelves can be combined with half supporting, store layout to achieve a perfect result.

Food beverage show frame appearance beautiful, and structure firm, and assembled free, and disassembly shortcut, and transport convenient. and boutique show frame style beautiful, noble elegant, and and has good of decorative effect, boutique show frame makes products play out extraordinary of charm. food beverage show frame material variety, shape beautiful, exhibition frame solid sex strong, durable degrees good, and has good of lasting sex. food beverage show frame structure used has can disassembly/can split stack of combination way, installation convenient, big limits of reduced packaging volume, Easy transport. display style is beautiful, innovative, simple use, display rack to better set off the product characteristics.

According to food beverage show frame features, design and of match of products promotions boutique show frame, again plus has creative of LOGO signs, makes products striking of show in public before, to increased on products of publicity advertising role. boutique show frame can full show out products of features; rich of accessories, and each component can recorded live installation, variety color match, design personnel exquisite design. boutique show frame makes traditional of facilities eclipsed.

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