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Display tips
Jun 03, 2016

Display can be said to be omnipresent in our lives, and display in the large supermarket is an indispensable part of the following small series to show you a little something about the use of knowledge, hope for everyone to help.

From function see, show frame should focuses on Yu makes consumers purchase commodity Qian produced note, and interest, and desire, and memory, series psychological activities. except in color, and text and pattern, decoration design elements of using Shang reflected POP advertising of function outside, must meet show commodity, and convey information and sales commodity of function; must has personalized of styling and structure design. show frame main for commodity of show, common in Mall electronic, and electrical, and mingyan, and wines, and pharmacy, and glasses, and process gift, and Crystal products, and hotel supplies, and Stationery, automotive supplies, RC 4S shop, plastic products, cosmetic stores, goods such as mobile phones, jewelry, boutique counters, appearance and style, beauty, elegance, and good decorative effect, all-round display product characteristics, products play an extraordinary charm.

Boutique display an all-round display product characteristics; A wealth of accessories, and each component can be recorded live installations, a variety of color combinations, professional designers to design exquisite. show eclipsed traditional facilities. display containers can also be equipped with a light box, both sides can be used fluorescent lamps, spotlights, Cabinet glass layer can be increased according to your actual needs less glass adjustable height.

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