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Display racks cleaning method
Jun 03, 2016

Display stand widely used in daily necessities and consumer goods industries, is also used by many corporate promotional products a display rack, display rack use long time need time to clean up. so, how to clean rack? with this question, let us see the following content.

1. scrub the display with a soft cotton cloth to wipe dry with clean water, do not use any abrasive cleaning agents, cloth or paper towel, and containing acidic cleaning agents and polishing abrasives or detergents or SOAP, wipe the rack surface.

2. due to the usual variety of washes fine, shower gel, remaining permanently in the chrome surfaces can make display stands and directly affect the quality of surface degradation. list at least once a week with a soft cloth to clean the display surface, it is best to use neutral detergents.

3. display difficult to remove hard dirt, dirt on the surface membrane and stain, use mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning solution or abrasion-free polishing liquid cleaner, and then wash with display rack with a soft cotton cloth to dry.

4. it can be with toothpaste and SOAP-coated cotton damp cloth and gently wipe the display, and then wash with it.

5. decontamination ability of wax may be used, apply on a clean white cotton cloth, thorough cleaning of the whole display rack, cycle for 3 months, so as to extend display life. Remember each cleaning is complete, be sure to wipe water stains, water stains might appear on the surface or pendant dirt.

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