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Display buying tips
Jun 03, 2016

Display using a variety of materials such as metal, wood, acrylic, exquisite appearance, strong and durable, and widely used in major shopping malls supermarkets, then display how you want to buy? below small series to introduce, hoped has the help to everybody.

1, and by wall placed of show frame back Board for not through plate, can selected and Cabinet body appearance as of color, and white (recommended), and mirror; top Department can loaded lightbox tablets, cabinet within lamp can selected fluorescent, and shot lamp, top Department with lightbox of height in 1800-2000mm, height in 1800 zhixia of showcase does not apply collection loaded top Department lightbox; depth General for 350, if show larger volume items, depth can to 400mm.

2, square display stands for quad translucent glass, 400*400mm display cabinets suitable to display jewelry, jewelry, watches, cell phones and other items, 500*500mm display used to display gifts, handicrafts, electronics, and larger items such as tobacco and alcohol.

3, and aluminum outside box can selected color for dumb light golden, and silver, and black, and white, and ocean red, and grey, color; also according to customer requirements of color sample set business. General Golden or metal sense strong of items with dumb light black more, skin products, and smoke wine, porcelain, and crafts, with Golden outside box distribution black Board more. color of select general root customer of requirements. addition, light of color temperature General in 2700k-6400k Zhijian, color temperature low, light yellow or sent red, color temperature high, light white or purple; General jewelry, and Jewelry demand higher color temperature, illumination, and general arts and crafts (leather) requested temperature lower.

4, display height in about 900mm in General, much used in shopping malls or stores; width 1000-1500mm depth 500-600mm; customers stood to watch the display height in 1300-1700mm; top with a light box or Word, height control in 1800-2000mm, when it is not mounted light box at the top, Height between 1500-1700mm. customers sit or bend down to watch the display height in 800-1000mm, or square shapes can be designed to showcase style.

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