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Car maintenance considerations for display stands
Jun 03, 2016

Car display is to protect important props and outstanding products, automotive display racks are constantly cleaning and maintenance is necessary. auto display stand manufacturers experts remind maintenance must pay attention to the following points, if you are not careful can also cause some damage.

1, and clean agent of right using: don't with SOAP water, and wash clean fine or water cleaning car show frame. SOAP water, and wash clean fine, clean products not only cannot effective to removal stacked in car show frame surface of dust, also cannot removal playing light Qian of Silicon sand particles, and because they has must corrosion sex, thus will injury car show frame surface, let car show frame of paint surface became bleak. While, if water penetration to wood in, also will led to wood moldy or local deformation, reduction short using life.

2, the use of materials selection: when you wipe the car display, do not use coarse cloth or old clothes you no longer wear rags. denim, cable head cloth or stitching, buttons and so on will cause car showing scratches on the surface of old clothes, you should avoid using. towels, cotton cloth, cotton or flannel cloth, absorbent cloth to wipe the car display stands.,

3, and nursing spray wax of method: car show frame nursing spray wax cannot used to clean and the maintenance cortex sofa. it only used to spray wood quality car show frame surface, cannot spray in sofa Shang. This is because leather sofa actually is animal of skin, once spray wax spray in above, on will led to leather products of pores jam, over time, leather will will aging and shortened its using life.

4, and avoid with rag wipe: don't with dry rag wipe car show frame surface of dust. dust is by fiber, and sand and Silicon soil constitute of, many people habits with dry of rag to clean wipe car show frame surface. actually these subtle particles in back and forth wipe of friction in the, has injury has car show frame paint surface. Although these scraping marks little, even eye is cannot see of, but over time, on will led to car show frame surface Dim rough, light no longer.

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